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This blog relates to some personal experience and is not a semi-official stance of Siyavula or SF.

New homepage

I am moving my blog to

Circumstances at work and in life have changed dictating that I take a personal website more seriously and, since nobody knows why I use marknewlyn, I am moving to a domain people will "understand".

Word, OpenOffice and Connexions - probably part I

I have a word document with a few equations in it. When I open in OO2.4 some of them are read-only and some are editable. When I open it in OO3.0.1 all of the equations are read-only.

This behaviour is unchanged by toggling the settings in Tools->Options->Load/Save->Microsoft Office.

I'm running all of this on Ubuntu 8.10.

I really want to import the document into Connexions but the read-only equations don't seem to be a supported media type?

This is a placeholder blog post so I've got somewhere to attach a file while I look for a solution.

Strange Ghostscript errors

I am trying to put the final versions of the FHSST books together and I've run into a snag, and its proving to be quite elusive. It might be that my brain knows it should at a braai and not trying to debug software but appreciating that isn't helping me solve it. I hope that making of note of the weird behaviour will help me solve it.

Simply, the conversion of the the Grade 10 Physics material from dvi format to pdf dies when I use dvipdf to do it. The error is (from my laptop but the error on the server is very similar):

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